Akrom featured at Inside Oil&Gas

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Focus Reports is currently in Australia to produce Inside Oil and Gas: Australia, a report on our nation’s oil and gas industry, to be published in Pennwell’s Oil and Gas Financial Journal and the online edition of Offshore Magazine.

The aim of this report is to give the international senior executive and investor community a snapshot of the most recent developments in Australia’s oil and gas industry, based on their peers’ on-the-ground experiences. As part of their comprehensive coverage of the downstream industry, Focus Reports would like to cover the activities of Gas Energy Australia members and promote the benefits of gaseous fuels, including the broader economic benefits of achieving energy security and economic prosperity in a lower carbon economy and providing access to affordable energy for the Australian community.

Diego Berazategui – Managing Director, Akrom, Australia

17.06.2016 / Energyboardroom

Incorporating both human expertise and know-how along with technological prowess, Akrom is a boutique consultancy firm specialized in resources and energy, helping partners identify opportunities to optimize the utilization of existing assets. MD Diego Berazategui links his aptitude for establishing an extensive network throughout the local market in Perth with how Akrom has built its reputation as a leading service provider, particularly in the realm of supply chain and procurement.

What are the primary services that Akrom provides?

Akrom is a boutique consulting company with two areas of focus. On the strategic side, we work with local content and supply chain management. On the consulting side, we work on procurement and analytic supply chain data. All of our services are enhanced with technology to help partners identify opportunities and optimize existing asset utilization. Data analytics has become increasingly important, and we have established expertise related to handling administrative data.

The Australian LNG industry is currently shifting from construction to the production and maintenance phase. What sets apart the Australian transition phase from other similar transitions that could have occurred in other geographies?

It is true that most projects throughout Australia are reaching a state of completion, and there are very few projects slated for the future. Nonetheless, Australia is well on its way to becoming the world’s largest supplier of LNG. This will certainly position Australia, and Perth in particular, as a major technological hub in the global oil and gas sector. With the oil and gas sector as a starting point, this should promote the growth of many ancillary businesses throughout Australia as well.