SME Opportunity Guide for Australian LNG Operations and Maintenance Contracting Activities


This opportunity guide has been commissioned by the Australian Industry Participation Branch of the Department of Industry to examine the procurement and contracting practices relevant to the O&M phase of major LNG projects currently being executed in Australia.
Whilst previous work in this field has concentrated on project opportunities for SME’s this guide is intended to focus upon the opportunities emanating from the operations and maintenance budgets of the LNG developers.

It attempts to provide specific guidance in the following areas:

      • How LNG O&M opportunities are placed into the market and the methods used by developers to source, bid and make awards.
      • How SME capability information is obtained and used.
      • What selection and award criteria are used to determine successful participants in competitive processes.
      • How Australian SMEs might increase their chances of winning work in the O&M phase.

Key Guidance Points
We have provided 40 key guidance points in this guide with a number of significant observations and findings in the following categories:

      • Total opportunity value, dimensions and timing
      • Threats and risks of opportunity loss
      • Opportunity mapping
      • LNG plant supply demands and working practices

Please download a full version of our report from the following link: