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Focus Reports is currently in Australia to produce Inside Oil and Gas: Australia, a report on our nation’s oil and gas industry, to be published in Pennwell’s Oil and Gas Financial Journal and the online edition of Offshore Magazine.

The aim of this report is to give the international senior executive and investor community a snapshot of the most recent developments in Australia’s oil and gas industry, based on their peers’ on-the-ground experiences. As part of their comprehensive coverage of the downstream industry, Focus Reports would like to cover the activities of Gas Energy Australia members and promote the benefits of gaseous fuels, including the broader economic benefits of achieving energy security and economic prosperity in a lower carbon economy and providing access to affordable energy for the Australian community.

Diego Berazategui – Managing Director, Akrom, Australia

17.06.2016 / Energyboardroom

Incorporating both human expertise and know-how along with technological prowess, Akrom is a boutique consultancy firm specialized in resources and energy, helping partners identify opportunities to optimize the utilization of existing assets. MD Diego Berazategui links his aptitude for establishing an extensive network throughout the local market in Perth with how Akrom has built its reputation as a leading service provider, particularly in the realm of supply chain and procurement.

What are the primary services that Akrom provides?

Akrom is a boutique consulting company with two areas of focus. On the strategic side, we work with local content and supply chain management. On the consulting side, we work on procurement and analytic supply chain data. All of our services are enhanced with technology to help partners identify opportunities and optimize existing asset utilization. Data analytics has become increasingly important, and we have established expertise related to handling administrative data.

The Australian LNG industry is currently shifting from construction to the production and maintenance phase. What sets apart the Australian transition phase from other similar transitions that could have occurred in other geographies?

It is true that most projects throughout Australia are reaching a state of completion, and there are very few projects slated for the future. Nonetheless, Australia is well on its way to becoming the world’s largest supplier of LNG. This will certainly position Australia, and Perth in particular, as a major technological hub in the global oil and gas sector. With the oil and gas sector as a starting point, this should promote the growth of many ancillary businesses throughout Australia as well.

Akrom to provide seamless Excel and SAP integration to Woodside

Wooodside selected Akrom to integrate Excel and SAP without programming. Using the Winshuttle Platform Woodside will integrate SAP and Microsoft Excel to improve the efficiency and accuracy of SAP data operations while maintaining security and governance policies.

Woodside are Australia’s most experienced LNG operator and largest independent oil and gas company. For more information about Woodside visit the website on www.woodside.com.au

Hon Michael Mischin MLC presented a recognition to Akrom

Hon Michael Mischin MLC presented a recognition to Akrom as a donor to ACS Foundation Scholarship programme.

The ACS Foundation invited Akrom representatives to attend a cocktail function at Parliament House

The purpose of this function is to honour the recipients of ACS Foundation scholarships in 2014, the organisations who have kindly donated these scholarships and our sponsors and supporters in Western Australia.  The event will be attended by representatives from the WA State Government and tertiary institutions in Western Australia with which the ACS Foundation is working to provide scholarships in the ICT sector.  We see this event as encouraging further cooperation and collaboration between industry and the Foundation supporters.  We would be delighted if you could be there to join us.

Hosting the function will be the Hon Michael Mischin MLC, Attorney General, Minister for Commerce.  The Minister presented a certificate of recognition to Akrom Pty Ltd as a donor to ACS Foundation Scholarship programme and will honour the scholars who have received internships sponsored by Akrom Pty Ltd.

Akrom was engaged by NRW to identify procurement savings

NRW engaged Akrom to identify and pursue opportunities that would provide both immediate and long term cost efficiency in the companies contractual commitments. This included negotiations with contractors to lower the cost base, significant savings were identified and achieved.

NRW is a leading Perth contractor in the mining and civil construction industries.
Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 2007, NRW’s client list includes resource giants BHP Billiton Iron Ore, Rio Tinto, Fortescue Metals Group, Samsung C&T for Roy Hill Pty Ltd and Chevron.

Drillsearch selected Akrom

Drillsearch selected Akrom to provides supply chain data analytics and harmonisation.

Fortescue Metals selected Akrom

Fortescue Metals selected Akrom to provide long term Master Data services.

Australian LNG O&M Opportunities Guide

This opportunity guide has been commissioned by the Australian Industry Participation Branch of the Department of Industry to examine the procurement and contracting practices relevant to the O&M phase of major LNG projects currently being executed in Australia.
Whilst previous work in this field has concentrated on project opportunities for SME’s this guide is intended to focus upon the opportunities emanating from the operations and maintenance budgets of the LNG developers. It attempts to provide specific guidance in the following areas:

  • How LNG O&M opportunities are placed into the market and the methods used by developers to source, bid and make awards.
  • How SME capability information is obtained and used.
  • What selection and award criteria are used to determine successful participants in competitive processes.
  • How Australian SMEs might increase their chances of winning work in the O&M phase.

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O&M Opportunities guide commissioned by The Australian Government

The Department of Industry selected Akrom as a specialist partner to provide a mapping of opportunities for SMEs in LNG projects O&M.

The new LNG plants will require companies and personnel specialising in Operations and Maintenance. Please check this publication that we prepared for the Department of Industry. This guide has been commissioned by the Australian Federal Government to examine the procurement and contracting practices relevant to the O&M phase of major LNG projects.

Akrom Becomes PIDX’s member

Akrom becomes a member of PIDX. PIDX is an organisation that provides a global forum for delivering the process, information and technology standards that facilitates seamless, efficient electronic business within the Oil and natural Gas Industry and its trading community. For more information visit the PIDX website on www.pidx.org

Akrom Became SparesFinder’s Agent

As another step forward to providing the best solutions to the Oil and Gas industry, Akrom has become SparesFinder’s agent. SparesFinder has over 10 years’ experience in delivering significant savings to multinational companies in over 90 countries.  The company has developed a market leading materials data cleaning and governance application, which, combined with the right services package, delivers a complete solution. Because the company’s software is fully hosted, IT problems are minimized, implementation is rapid and costs very competitive.


SparesFinder’s application are already part of the best solutions for the Oil and Gas industry provided by Akrom. Visit SparesFinder’s website on www.sparesfinder.com